ATTENTION: students and young entrepreneurs! learn digital marketing skills in a new way...

Karmeish Ghosh
CEO Hustling University

making India "Atma Nirbhar" one student at a time
Learn the Digital Skills that matter today to make you self-dependent 
WHAT'S INSIDE: Register your details for a demo session on Digital Self Reliance (You really can't miss this one...)
What is covered in the Digital Self Reliance Course
We are on a mission to teach to at least 10 lakh students where we teach students skills

Session 1
Graphic Designing without learning heavy graphic designing tools

Session 2
Easy copywriting skills

Session 3
Creating websites without the knowledge of HTML or Wordpress

session 4
How to run social media ads without complexity

Session 5
How to create payment gateways

This is a Live Hands-on training program
4 live sessions across 4 sundays over zoom webinar

students need to have a facebook account

ideally have a laptop or desktop with internet access
21 yrs
Avg age of a startup founder in India
freelancers every year
adding to economy
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